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May 2021: Check out my guest spot on the amazing comic Molly Lusc! The link goes to the first page of the comic, but my guest spot will be the latest page as of Sunday 30 May.

My art tutorial videos are a fun way to learn, and I've just completed the first project. Check them out! They're free for everyone, and I hope you'll enjoy them.

Space Daddy Adventures welcomes guest spots! Just click the Guest Spots button and take a peek, to see what that's about!

H18 updates every Wednesday, in the second half of the first adventure! Check it out.

And of course Kirke Ketterley is still adventuring with the adorable Mr. Pepelu!

Demoniac Verse and Incubus Tales reposts every Tuesday and Friday.

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Artist and author, gay/bl webcomic creator, voice-over actor, tirelessly fighting censorship and stupidity. It's an endless fight.

I'm Hushicho (不死鳥), creator of the long-running, highly-acclaimed series Incubus Tales and prolific visual artist, author, and voice-over artist.

I'm a fighter against censorship, and I have additionally long championed causes such as gay rights and equality, animal rights, and environmental awareness.

You can check out my comics online. Just check out the links in my Comics section! Note that all of my work may contain mature content, so these comics may not be suitable for all audiences or venues.


Hushicho @ The Duck
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Incubus Tales

The Magical Adventures of Kirke Ketterley

Space Daddy Adventures

Demoniac Verse

Coven: Season of the Witch

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All rates are starting rates, for a single figure and simple background. All rates increase with complexity, such as multiple subjects, complicated positioning, or extremely detailed design.

Finished Sketch - $15 and up
Original Artwork - $30 and up
Original Comic Pages - $75 and up
Black and white, with screentone at my discretion

Audio Work - $30 and up
Do you have a special story you’d like me to read? I can do that! Rates increase with length of story; starting rate is 3000 words.

Special Rates
It's usually easier for me to work with my own characters, so I'll give you a great deal if you want artwork of them.
My Characters Artwork - $25 and up
My Characters Comic - $100 and up, starting with two pages

The Details
Things I Won’t Do: Graphic violence, death, and pregnancy.
Things I Will Do: Just about everything else! I’m fine with most things, and I’m totally okay with nudity and adult content, as well as a wide range of kink.

I have to note that for whatever reason, I can turn down something. Usually it’s because I just don’t think I could do it well enough. We can always try something else!

The Process
1. You mail me with your request.
2. I reply with a cost estimate.
3. You send payment.
4. For visual art: I provide you with a rough pencil layout.
5. You approve it or ask for changes.
6. Once it’s approved, I ink and finish (including color if you got it).
7. I send you the finished work.

Quick and easy! Be very clear with anything you especially want in the picture or any changes you need. Too many changes may cost extra.

Legal Stuff
Rights and Uses:
These rates are personal, not commercial. Let me know if you need commercial rates, like if you’re going to use my work for profit, for a logo, print, t-shirt, or put my work in for-profit publications.

I usually provide two or three digital files: one is full-sized and print-ready. The other file or files are reduced in size, for easy sharing and showing!

All characters and situations involved are copyright their creators, but the artwork is mine.

I typically post the work I do and may include it in my portfolio. Let me know if you’d prefer to be anonymous if I do a shout-out.

I may use my work for commercial purposes.

By contacting me and contracting me for work like this, you’re not only agreeing that you’re legally allowed to do that, but you’re also saying that I am released from any and all responsibility of anything that may result, directly or indirectly, from you doing that. In other words, I’m just an artist doing work for you. If you get a pic of Dracula shaking his moneymaker on a stripper pole and your friend hates Dracula and has a falling-out with you over it, well, that’s not my fault. I’m responsible for doing the work for you that you pay me for, and that’s all.

But I’m a good listener, so if you need to talk to someone about your Dracula-hating buddy, go right ahead!

Collabs and Guest Spots

If you'd like to do a collaboration with me or a guest spot, I'm usually delighted to do them! I have a very few guidelines to help. To note, I am always happy with fanworks and I encourage them! These are just guidelines for art and comics that will appear on the official sites, as guest spots. I would never want anyone to put in all the work that art requires, only for me not to be able to show everyone what a wonderful thing they've done!

Have fun and let loose!

The first and most important one. If you want to draw something super-sexy and you've never done it before...go ahead! One of the things I always want to do is free people from censorship and limited thinking.

Some things don't work well with the themes.

I don't do graphic violence, death, and pregnancy in commissions because I don't think I'm good at them, but they also really don't fit in most any of my stories. I don't want to disrupt the tone of the series in a major way like those themes can do.

Let's do cross-promotion!

I love to mutually promote our work, and I welcome fellow creators to do that too! Ideally, I like it if we can both feature links to each other's works. If we're going to do a collaboration, let's do it all the way and exchange links, to help people discover both of our work!

It may take some time for the piece to be posted.

I generally work with at least several months of a buffer. This gives you plenty of time to do your guest spot, but it also may mean that it could be months before it's posted. Just be patient, and it will definitely be posted! If you need it to be posted at a specific time, let me know and I'll try to help you work it out. However, I probably can't guarantee a specific date.

Send it via email!

You can find my email address in the Contact section! Please send your work as an attachment in email, so I'll be sure to have it available when I need it. A good relevant subject line helps too! Even just "guest spot" is something that I can find easily later.

Let me know if I can use it later.

I will never charge money for someone else's work, so you don't have to worry about that. I do love every piece of art done of my characters, and I especially love comics done with them. If I have to change hosts or want to collect the comic and distribute it in future, I would love to include the work that guests and fans have done. But I need your express permission to do that.

Thank you so much for doing a collaboration or guest piece! One of the very best parts of creating art is sharing the joy with another artist. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!


If you're interested in contacting me, please try email first.

I don't use social media. Anyone claiming to be me on social media is misrepresenting themselves.